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We're plugged into top voice talent from around the world. And for international releases, we can fulfill narration in any language and dialect.

The consistent goal is to find the best voice to match YOUR production and brand. 

• Video Narration

• TV & Radio Ads

• Audio Books

• Audio Podcasts

• Character Voices

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The BPI Sound Booth

We have one of the top voiceover audio booths in the United States.


Roomy and comfortable, not one of those leftover closets or cheap pre-fab kits bought online and badly assembled over a weekend.


• Poured concrete outer walls for extreme isolation.

• Floated inner walls.

• Calibrated sound dampening and deadening materials, measured. and matched to the room geometry.

• A baffled air conditioning system to keep talent cool and comfortable while achieving that perfect take.

We outfit it by offering a selection of some of the world's finest vintage, large diaphragm microphones. Again, these aren't your cheap, sub $1,000 mics seen elsewhere. Matched premium pre-amps and D/A converters. Overbuilt cabling and interconnects throughout. Studio grade DAW workstations with pro-level software and plug ins. Tuned speaker systems. Full 2-way talkback capabilities to monitor your session as it goes down. And we record direct to extreme high bit rate digital, easily providing any file type needed.

We didn't set out to just offer typical audio recording for voiceover and narration. We set out to be the best.