Some things don't fall into common or exact classifications. That's ok. We can cover these too!

We have experience in every type of professional production, and the creative insight to develop new concepts, approaches, and styles. 

If your project needs an "outside-the-box" approach, we're ready to experiment to break traditional expectations.

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"The Gingerbread Man"
Branded Holiday/Event Video Card

How do you say Happy Holidays, with Big Picture style? With an original song in your heart and an animated gingerbread man! Offering viewers something fun, light, and original can help bring awareness to your brand.


"Sting Me"
In-Studio, Edited Performance Music Video

How do you fill an off day in the studio? With a rock band of course! From capturing a multi-camera live performance or presentation in 4k, to editing a live-to-tape recording... Our soundstage offers near unlimited potential.

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"Don't Wake Me Up"
Edited Music Video in Ultra-Wide 5k

Utilizing the wide-screen 5k format for production, we developed a visual brand for the band. Applying a mix of footage, we applied a visual storytelling approach for the "Don't Wake Me Up" music video.